its been too long

I’m clearly failing at updating this blog on a daily basis. I find it hard to take time out to write about three good moments from my day, but that was the whole point of this blog, to force me to make time to think of the good moments.

So I’ll do an umbrella post from the past few days.

1. Hanging out with friends on Friday and having a grand ole time! Even though a dog did show up, it was nice that my friends had my back and dragged me out of the house we were at. I am really allergic to dogs, to the point where I really need to carry an Epi-Pen/Pin??

2. Watching Gladiator, what a good movie. I’ve seen parts of this movie, but have not seen it as a whole. So I thorough enjoyed this movie and the relaxing time of watching it.

3. Pooja getting proposed to! One of my best friends was proposed to Saturday evening and it was completely wonderful! I was so happy for her and still am.

4. Bollywood night at Sneha’s place. Singing and dancing to bollywood tunes was awesome, and meeting amazing girls who love to dance and LOVE indian movies? Even better. Being able to catch up with Sneha and Sangita was also really nice. I also learned about Dance Mission Theater, where they ahve Bollywood Dance Classes

5. King Tut exhibit with Poonam, Namita, and VDK. Even though I wasn’t feeling well and they were exhausted from Tahoe, we still had a great time of hanging out, laughing, joking, and sitting our butts down on the benches from sheer exhaustion.

6. Yuva Kendra, though it felt like Taboo was the most complicated game we have ever played, its always nice to hang out with the crew πŸ™‚

7. Waking up to a text message from Neema, letting me know she’s engaged. HOLY COW! Dilesh proposed to Neema!

That’s my quick list of good moments. I’ll work on getting better at updating this πŸ™‚


Creativity has no bound

It has been a really long time since I have been artistic, used my creativity in a productive manner. Yesterday I began a painting. I am really excited it, it was just…it is something that came to me. I think that’s why I feel excited and feel its so personal, which it is.

I have decided this art piece is some what of a self-portrait, or a self-representation. In the last couple weeks I have gone through different kinds of emotion, but the one that I have noticed the most is this feeling of being alive and seeing things in a different light. I feel free, I feel limitless. My mind races with thoughts and inspirations, especially artistically. I have so many ideas for art pieces. Where is this muse of mine? What IS inspiring me and how do I bottle it up?!

This is one of my great moments of the day. Painting and having a creative outlet to let me feel alive. πŸ™‚ I cannot explain to you how this makes me feel, to be able to express myself when I haven’t been in able to for awhile. I think its appropriate that this painting represent me and what I stand for.

I’ll have to write another entry with the other two good moments, I am feeling mentally exhausted right now, creative energies have been used up on my painting. I feel like a giddy kid on christmas or something. πŸ™‚

Day 3 – Good Moments

Yesterday was a good day, lot’s happened and laughter was the best medicine of the day. My three good moments seem to center around laughter for this day!

1. Lunch with the coworkers, okay I have to say, I think I have awesome coworkers. We made it out to Kasa, the Indian Eatery and the food was AWESOME but on top of that, the conversation was fantastic.

2. Had a great meeting with my two youth, and we were so on top of what we needed to do. They’re awesome, and I love that we can sit and go through what we need to do and they will remember things we need to do even when I don’t. Love them, they are inspirational young ladies.

3. South Asian Giving Circle, for many reasons this was a great night, from great and HILARIOUS conversations with Poonam and Purvi to being a part of an amazing cause to flirtations of the night, it was all very lovely and fun. Hanging out with friends and having great conversations? AWESOME.

I love great moments with friends with laughter πŸ™‚

Sharing is Caring – 3 Good Moments in One

It’s day two, and I’m already late on my post of three good moments!

Well, I’ll start off with my first good moment:

1. Coordinator Meeting, every Tuesday, at work, we have a meeting with all people in our program. At times, this meeting can be tedious, boring, never-ending, however this time our meeting, I felt, was extremely productive. We asked a simple question “What would you like to improve about you (in regards to work) in the next three months?”. This one question sparked a 70 min. discussion amongst our adults. It was a very supportive discussion where we listened, gave advice, voiced our frustrations, and just…became a team. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was really nice.

2. this one is stretching it (time frame wise), Vivek came over Monday night, but he left after midnight, so I’m gonna throw this one in as March 2nd’s good moments. I love it when friends and I have great conversations, and we can share our thoughts, ideas, and goals in life. It was nice to reflect on my time in India and share what I learned from those moments. The cool thing was, I also got to hear about some cool ideas and visions and got to give my opinions on those.

3. Volleyball, okay so it was rough this time around, not gonna lie but its always fun! We only had 4 people playing, as opposed to our normal 6. I’m not that great of a player, but I try hard and I’ve seen myself improve. That doesn’t mean I don’t mess up, because I do, and I get frustrated when I do. I see my body getting into shape, I see me becoming more of a team player, I see me meeting new people. Overall, this has been a great opportunity. I never did team sports in high school, well I mean relay races in swimming, but the team dynamics is different, because you focus only on you when you’re in that water and the occasional peeking over and seeing where the other team is. So yes, playing v-ball yesterday was good, except for the small knee injury!

So the theme of this one was sharing is caring and in some way all of these involve sharing, whether it be sharing our advice to sharing our ideas to sharing our support, through sharing we can show our caring. Too far of a stretch?? haha.

Dinner – Third Good Moment

Tonight I made some awesome Chillin Paneer, with the help of Anjali and the awesomeness of Nisha’s clean up skills, we had a fantastic meal. We actually sat at the dining table and had a great meal together.

This is a good moment for many reasons, one, cooking and eating dinner with friends is always great, you can have GREAT converations, two, instead of eating out, we ate in, saving money!, and third, I get awesome leftovers for tomorrow!

There is saying “the family that eats together, stays together” and I think that’s the truth for friends as well. I can’t tell you how many times great conversations have come out of meals with my friends. Today’s meal was no different, Monday night date with Anj was great, and Nisha was there to join us for dinner and making Chilli Paneer was such a trip down memory lane.

My very fond memory of making Chilli Paneer is from college, when my friends would rush over when I informed them Chillin Paneer was on the menu, and the person who LOVED my Chillin Paneer was Mehul (from BU) and his girlfriend, now fiance, asked me for the recipe to make for him. We use to hang out over the summer in Boston and make dinner together, and this was one of the most popular dishes that was made that summer. Ahh, Boston, how I miss you and the memories you gave me πŸ™‚

Blog – Second Good Moment

I think my first good moment really was creating this blog and having an outlet to express my thoughts, but really to get into the habit of seeing the good in the day. So many times I get stuck on the bad and can’t see the good, so having this blog and making a promise to myself to write at least THREE things each day is a great way to exercise my positive outlook on life.

To lots of blog posts! πŸ™‚

Safeway – First Good Moment

This afternoon I made my way to Safeway on the Fillmore and since it’s pay check day I was headed to the Wells Fargo inside the store. I made my way to the woman who I always look forward to helping me. Today was really cool because we actually had a conversation that was more personal than, “What account would you like me to deposit your check in?”. I asked her how her weekend was and she proceeded to tell me that she was a full time student and a full time bank teller. I asked her what she was studying and she told me Psychology, which of course excited me, since I was a Psych Major in college. I asked what she wanted to do with her degree and she told she had no idea. I proceeded to tell her my experience and how I figured out what I wanted. She told me that she wanted to finish up school by this summer and that she hoped to get her masters.

After finishing up my banking needs, I headed to the Bakery Department and decided on a bagel. I asked the woman if she could cut it and toast it for me. She said she could, I asked her how her day was and she began to share tidbits about her life. I told her not to work too hard to always treat herself to a mani/pedi. She laughed and told me was too sweet.

I guess this is my one good moment because of the interactions I had with these people. Normally, when buying groceries or finishing up banking needs, we do not hold conversations with people. We rush in and get what we need and leave. However, this time I took the time to say “Hi, how are you? How was your day”, and the connection you make is nice. It almost feels like you’re breaking down those walls of alienation we have created through technology, the hustle and bustle of life, and the overwhelming need to be “separate” from the world.

It was a nice break from my “Get set…GO!” mentality, to have a conversation with a random stranger and exchange pleasantries.

Hurrah for my first post on a good moment! πŸ™‚