A stitch in time

I cut my hand open with kitchen sheers, it was not fun. I had to go to the ER and had to get 7 stitches. It is absolutely a pain in the…well hand. It has been difficult to type, which is not an excuse me not keeping this up to date.

Anyway, my good moments from today: (it has been a struggle to come up with)

1. I felt a little more in control of things at work, I know what I am trying to accomplish, still feels very overwhelming, but more under control overwhelming.

2. Karina (one of my youth) came in and helped me out. She is so good and is so on top of my work that she helps me stay on top of work as well.

3. I did not look at my phone for up to three hours, tomorrow…I will try four. This one is a personal one that wont make sense to any of you.

bonus moment: my parents told me they will come up to sf for my birthday 🙂

It has been really frustrating for me to be productive or to do anything because of my hand, which then makes me have a bad attitude. This has been a challenge, to stay positive. In a way, I realized, even when things are bad, they aren’t that bad. There are always moments that will make you smile.


Falling Behind

I have been really bad about updating this blog regularly. I really need to get back into it.

So I will list off my good moments from yesterday.

1. I finally got a haircut. Layers and some bangs. I kept the length.

2. Working from home. This was much needed. The stress of work and my inability to type due to my injury had made me frustrated, but working from home allowed me to keep my hand iced and to lay on my bed to do work.

3. Dinner w friends was a good uplifter. Having great conversation over good food was just beautiful.

I will write more. I must write more!