I have been failing at keeping this blog updated. I had made a promise to write out at least three good moments each day. In my defense, I have been remembering good moments from each day, but just not writing it down in this blog. It’s interesting, so many of my good moments are little things, which may not mean the world to anyone but me, but I guess that’s the point of a good moment. It’s for you. However, I think it is good practice to share with people what it means to you, or to share the positivity in life. So many times we get overwhelmed with our day to day things (work, life, home, etc.) that we forget – as cheesy as this sounds – to stop and smell the roses.

So my good moments:

1. Waking up to a great text message that brought back memories from the past weekend (which needs to be a WHOLE nother post 🙂 hearing about someone else’s good moments puts ME in a good mood

2. Hanging out with Cham – a youth of mine that I worked with when I first started at MYEEP. He treated me to lunch, how awesome is that? He’s a student at UC Santa Cruz and loves his computer games (CHAM!!! YOU NEED TO STUDY INSTEAD!!)

3. I took one of my youth’s younger sister to lunch and chatted with her, her name is Kavina and she is Lavonda’s sister. I made her some enchiladas and talked to her about life. It is always wonderful getting to know new youth.

Those are my good moments, and its only 3pm!

I think I’m going to write about whatever is on my mind and include my good moments, because there are many times that I feel like writing up something, but I don’t b/c I limit myself on this blog. But this is my blog, I can make it whatever I want.