Parkin’ it

Hello all, quick update.

1. Good workshop with the kids
2. Parked in my new parking spot
3. Made soup and mashed potatoes

πŸ™‚ no more eating out on the weekdays. It’s budgeting time!


Mo Money Mo Problems

Mo’ money mo’ problems, to quote the late and great Biggie. There was a time in my life when I could live off of nothing and have a nothing and was completely content. Now that I am making more money than I was before, I want more. Isn’t that funny? Today I made the decision of getting a parking spot, a very on the spot decision, well no, not true. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and finally did. I’m actually kind of nervous, is that weird? Well, I really shouldn’t be, if I can spend $100 bucks on clothes, I can spend $100 for my car. This just means I will have to be better at managing my money AND be more responsible with how I spend my money.

I wish that money wasn’t a constant stress, I mean it’s not like I’m struggling, but just that the fun things that I want to do cost money. I guess, it’s finding things that are fun that are…well…free. Haha, not everything has to cost several hundreds or whatever. It’s a decision that I have to make and hopefully my friends and family can understand that. Unfortunately, I am not a baller, I’m just a non-profit worker, and I’m not complaining, but living in a city with amazing food and great activities, as taken a toll on my bank account. So I’ve decided to put myself on a “diet” for spending money.

Now, don’t take this as me asking for sympathy, it’s more a thought process than anything else. I am very lucky to be able to pay for rent, utilities, etc. Well even the fun stuff, I think this is just me reflecting on being more aware of my spending habit and really thinking about what my future goals are.

Anyway, my good moments:

1. Productive day with the kiddos πŸ™‚

2. Dinner with Linda and Zay (her fantastic son)

3. Finally getting a parking spot πŸ™‚

Pretty simple πŸ™‚

Well have a great day guys.


Ah, I had volleyball today and it was ROUGH. Felt sluggish and really off my mark. But, I have good teammates who cheer me on, which is nice.

Today is one of those days when I don’t feel like thinking, so I’m not going to and just share my good moments, hope that’s okay with you.

1. Got to work, ready to go, with a positive attitude. I was really happy that I got to work at 9am and was productive throughout the whole day.

2. Karina came to the office! Also, goofing around the office with Tash and Lats was good times πŸ™‚ OH and it was a Jack Johnson kind of day

3. I finally saw sunshine in SF, ahh so nice seeing the sun and a blue sky, I missed you Suraj Dada!

Easy does it, and now I’m hungry, I’m gonna munch away. πŸ™‚ Gnite, folks.

Sunshine in the Clouds

Today, I woke up with a positive attitude. It’s interesting, but I started off my day with a prayer. Not just any prayer, but one that has meaning to me. One that thanks the mind, the body, God, and Mother Earth, for all that they do. From providing me with all of my memories the moment I wake up to being a home and shelter for me and everyone else.Β  To many prayer is a way to speak to God, but to me, Prayer isn’t my communication with God, but my way of connecting my Mind to the world. The prayers I say aren’t just to praise the Lord or ask forgiveness (not that those are bad), but to thank the world, the body, and the mind.I’m a strong believer that the mind and body should connected, that there is some higher form, some kind of “enlightenment”. Or connection the mind and body should make.

My communication with God is…well…a regular conversation “Hey God, it’s me Pari. Just wanna say hi, hope you’re doing well.” I can’t find myself officially asking God for anything, I find I ask God for something when I’m in trouble and it’s usually help I’m asking for, or that one time I lost my mom’s Diamond Earrings at the Oakridge Mall, I promised God a lot of things that night. Oh yeah, I found the earrings. THANK GOD! (HA!) My point is, I just don’t find that prayer is my communication with God, but more so may way of being grateful for what my body does (to keep me alive), what mother earth offers (to, once again, keep me alive). I don’t think there is anything wrong with me saying a prayer and thanking this power (divine or not) for all that it has done for me.

It makes me more grateful for what is around me, and who is around me. I’m not perfect, my mom can tell you πŸ˜‰ (LOVE YOU MOM!), but I’m not aiming for perfect either, I’m just trying to be a good human on this Earth. I make mistakes, I piss people off, I get angry but those things only make me human, even the pissing people off. I use to think that a GOOD person, doesn’t piss anyone off, and if I was just good enough, everyone would like me. But as Bill Cosby said “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone,” ah, I won’t be prefect and I wont please everyone and not everyone will like me, but if I stay true to myself, have good intentions, and do what I’m passionate about in life, I’ll make it alright. No one is here to judge me, even though they judge, because all that matters is what it is between me and the Big Guy.

Hmm, I had these thoughts all because of saying my prayers in the morning. I better say them before going to sleep. πŸ˜‰

My good moments today:

1. Waking up and saying my prayers

2. Productive meeting with my kids

3. Flowers πŸ™‚ Sunflowers that just brightened my day. Thank you πŸ™‚ You know who you are.

I have to admit, the flowers honestly made my day. It was an unexpected ray of sunshine on this gloomy San Franciscan Day. Gray skies, cold wind…It doesn’t matter, because sunflowers can brighten up any kind of weather. πŸ™‚ AHH πŸ™‚ okay, I’m done.

Major Update

I’ve been slacking, but I’ve been lazy as well. I took this weekend to just be…well…lazy. And it was amazing.


1. Got my curriculum done

2. Karishma’s Birthday Festivities

3. Heart-to-Heart with Divya


1. Spending the day with Karishma: Facials in the morning, In n Out for lunch, and temple in the afternoon. highlight of the trip? Having to pull over at a gas station so i could pee for the 4th time in 2 hours

2. Having time to read my book

3. Grapes, cheese, and crakers. DELICIOUS


1. Having a productive day at work, yes I went in to work

2. Sleeping, good god, just what I needed – also seeing Avyay, AartiBhabhi, Dipti, and Suril

3. Amelie with Bindi, Poonam, Nisha, Sangita, Joyeta, Sagar, Manu, and Anand – Cheese Platter (YUM!!), chocolate covered strawberries (DOUBLE YUM!), and some excellent vino


1. Sleeping through most of the day

2. Putting away my clothes, haha I know this is silly but damn it was a good moment for me

3. Hanging with Jerome – dinner at Burma and checking out the Awesome Sonia Rao at the Rockit Room, dang girl, you are amazing!

Change in Attitude

Hello all,

It’s been a hectic few days. Here’s an update on my good moments:

1. Waking up early and making it to the DMV by 720am AND getting out of there by 830am! (that’s pretty awesome for me, considering DMV opens at 8am and I was called by 8:20am and finished by 8:30am)

2. Talking out some of the feelings I had to someone that I have been needing to talk to

3. Getting home and eating a nice meal and just relaxing
Today’s Good moments:

1. Sharing my goals with our coordinators and having a better understanding of what our coordinators go through every day

2. Volleyball, ah it was fantastic playing today. My serve was good in my last game, which was nice.

3. (This one will sound silly and crazy) – While taking a shower having the realization that I would like and open and honest relationship with my coworkers, where I can share when I make a mistake and when I am feeling down, and also receiving feedback from them. I know this sounds OBVIOUS, haha, but really wanting that. It’s scary to have people give you feedback on your work and performance, especially peers and coworkers, but I should and need and want to look at it as CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. And I want toΒ  voice this to them. Mainly, because I need to hear myself say it to them. πŸ™‚

So that last good moment has had a very huge impact on me. Also, a shout-out to my coworker, Aaron, for giving me the simplest advice, but profound (I wanted to say truest, but profound makes me sound smart)….when you feel down, think of the good thing and have a change in attitude. So thanks for that πŸ™‚

Hope all of you are doing well. Why don’t you guys share some of your good moments?


Ahh, so here’s a quick update for the weekend, and then I’ll update about my life and thoughts.


1. realizing the root of my stress and negative feelings

2. dinner with coworkers

3. getting a much needed hug


1. getting my birthday gift framed – a painting that was made for me

2. getting my laptop fixed and the apple genius recommending an awesome book called “the third teacher” which is about restructuring today’s schools for tomorrow’s future

3. poonam’s birthday celebration – AMAZING food (Chow @ 16th & Church), soooooooo goood & awesome dancing at the Make-Out room, Salsa/Latin/Reggai/HipHop


1. Making it out to Swadhyay and seeing everyone

2. Lunch with the parents

3. Watching Inception and a good phone call on the drive back with Nick!

Tonight you’ll get a more detailed update about my thoughts and feelings πŸ™‚