Grandma Time

Two of my three good moments are about my grandmothers (paternal and maternal). I love them both, and I don’t know what I would do without them. Its like 2am here, Priya and I are sitting here having girl talk as I upload pics to my bhai’s external drive.

Good moments for today:

1. Woke up and showered, then laid down next to my Nani (maternal G-ma) and talked to her, it was cute and fun, pillow talk with the nani.

2. Asking my Dadi (paternal G-ma) why she liked my grandfather, and hearing her response “Didn’t you see your grandfather, he was so handsome!” and then hearing about our family history from Mamma (My aunt). So nice to hear about how my grandfather grew up and lived life and how my grandmother to care of the family

3. Cousin time with Uru, Kumar Bhai, Neha Bhabhi, and Priya – we had dinner and had lots of laughs πŸ™‚

OH and a sidenote good moment: figured out how to fix my comp!!!!!!

k, bed time!



I got to spend some quality time with the fambam in baroda, it was actually really nice. No sleeping until 7pm. I really miss my nani (mom’s mom). She is so adorable and sweet, I also just love visiting my Mama and Mami, they spoil my ridiculously and feed like crazy. It’s a home filled with love and my cousins are my sisters, we talk and talk as if we were never apart. It has always been our relationship, and I love it.

Anyway, on to my good moments:

1. Wake up call from my brother, waking up his 3 sisters, thanks Rishi for the wake up call! 8am is not early enough. Jabro!

2. Hanging out with my family – all of them, and watching Kichadi! Hilarious movie!

3. Garba time with the brothers and sisters, not that I got in, I had to sneak in and didn’t do too much, was exhausted!

Okay, time to hang with the fambam!

Wedding Bells

This will be a quick update.


1. Watching my cousin get married, oh man, he’s a married man!

2. A new addition to the family, Neha Bhabhi! Welcome to the family!

3. Hanging out with Priya and making jokes

1. Priya and I going stir crazy in the plane and making a ruckus

2. Spending some time with my dad on the flight and catching up

3. Coming to Baroda and hanging out with my fambam, love them πŸ™‚


1. Eating all the yummy food – an awesome typical Indian breakfast

2. A nice name from 2pm to 7pm

3. Sneaking into Garba in Baroda, I’m so sneaky! πŸ™‚

Okay more updates to come, gonna take a TON of pics of Baroda and maybe go see Kichadi, if my sleepy sister, Khushboo ever wakes up.

Mission Kasmir

I am on my way to my brother’s wedding. This is insane! He is getting married! I can’t believe it. I haven’t been able to update because of lack of internet and lack of brain power. I have been to Baroda, to see my mom’s family, and I have been doing wedding preparations. It’s nice. πŸ™‚

Good moments from “Tuesday”:

1. I went to Baroda and saw my family! So good to see my mom’s side of the family

2. I got to see my cousin Khushboo and we got to do some small talk gossip, unfortunately I fell asleep like an old lady at 9pm

3. I got a modeling gig in India, bwahaha, the designer who designs our clothes in India has asked me to model some clothes for his new boutique. Pictures will come.


1. Went straight to the beauty parlor and got beautified – and got mendhi on my hands! Always a plus!

2. Go to hang out with Priya and catch up on life and of course have girl talk

3. Go to see Robot – well I technically fell asleep which then made it hard for me to sleep so then my brother took me to get pastries at Grand Bhagwati, where I had a chocolate cake.


1. First wedding ceremony for me to attend, got to cover the bro in tumeric paste to make him pretty!!

2. All the family hung out and took pictures

3. Packing up for the wedding! It’s in Jammu!


So technically the day isn’t over, but much has happened:

1. Waking up early and getting on the plane, spending time with Priya on the flight

2. FINISHING The girl with the dragon tattoo…WOW i LOVE that book!

3. Hanging out at the airport, I ate KFC – ha, Veg Zinger baby.

Will update more, I am in Delhi, flight has been delayed by 1 hr 50 mins.

Day One: India

I don’t know what day it is or what time, well I do, because I’m at my computer, but for the most part of today I had no idea where I was, what day it was, or what time. I had my first chutney sandwich for this trip, not what I wanted, but that’s okay, many more to come πŸ™‚

I am laying in bed, unsure if I am sleepy or not, which is interesting, considering how sleepy I have been ALL day. My flight from Dubai to Ahemdabad, India was…interesting. A plane filled with Indian people, we have no etiquette for riding a plane. People yelling across aisles, standing up when they aren’t suppose to. It felt like a bus ride, instead of a plane ride.

I am glad to be in India, the plane ride always seems painful and long, but that’s okay. I am here, with the fambam.

Today’s good moments:

1. FINALLY arriving in india (6am, India time). I stayed up until 11am before passing out

2. Seeing my grandma and family πŸ™‚ I gave the g-ma lots of kisses and hugs

3. Getting a good amount of sleep. Felt SO good.

I guess I should sleep now, I might read a little bit of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” I am addicted. Haha, gnite folks.

Posting from Dubai

So I dont really know what day it is, or how many hours have passed, so I’m gonna pretend it’s the end of Saturday (from when I woke up in the USA to arriving in Dubai).

The flight was long, and very uncomfortable, I don’t like trying to sleep on a plane, the cusions are not cushiony and apparently neither is my bum. Also, as an FYI, one should NOT watch a very sappy, sad movie…while on a 16 hour flight because of (a) you end up crying, red eyed, and puffy eyed, (b) the person sitting next to you think you’re weird, (c) you’re sitting next to them for 16 hours…..there is no escape. So yes, lesson learned.

People watching at the airport is hilarious, people sleep funny on a chair…they look….either uncomfortable or really comfortable, spread eagle style. I can’t wait to sleep in a bed…granted an India bed is nothing compared to my Sealy, cusion top bed, but still…I can lay down!

Okay, on to my good moments:

1. Being fully packed and on the way to the airport! Getting on the flight, all bags underweight, go mom, dad, and me!!!

2. Having a pretty cool person to sit next to, thanks for being normal, girl who’s name I do not know.

3. Arriving in Dubai and not being stuck on a plane…only 4-5 more hours until I reach India! at 4am…yeayy…I either have to sleep for 4/5 hours…or stay up until 7am….options are unclear, it all depends on how I feel by the time I land.

Okay, signing off.

PS. my Google is not in english, I don’t know how to navigate the site! hahaha

PPS. Gujus are hilarious…I will be refreshing my “typical Gujurati”. I can’t wait!


Today was a very busy and hectic day and my mind is very…well it’s not working. Today was a good and busy day. So, lets’ get on with it.

1. A great meeting with SF Mission Play program. Gonna setup my kiddos with some awesome savings accounts.

2. Lunch with Donna – so good to hang out and be real friends! πŸ™‚

3. CIT Launch Party – good to just hang out with the kids

4. PACKED FOR INDIA!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Okay…seriously, bed….will update when i’m in India….