Forgive me, little blog!

I haven’t written my good moments from today and yesterday, I apologize little blog! It has been an exhausting weekend, but a good one. I have to keep this entry short, due to the lack of brain power I have at this moment.

Jan 29th’s good moments:

1. Going on a drive – my dad, my uncle, and I went on a drive just around the neighborhood, but I’m glad we went. Change of scenery and fresh air!

2. Realization – that sometimes I am an emotional person, but I have to consciously make an effort to stop and think things through, that not what I assume is correct. I know this may seem like a “bad” moment, but it was a good moment because of the realization. And thanks for putting up with me (you know who you are….I bet there are like 30 people who are saying “oh yeah, that’s me!”)

3. Holy Cow – hanging out with friends, having a good time, taking a mental break from life, is really nice and much needed. Glad I got to hang out and see peeps that I haven’t seen in awhile! Also, cab ride about babies always makes me happy 😛

Today’s good moments Jan 30th:

1. Football – I know we had a loss today, but it was a good game and I felt like we played hard. It was just…nice. Except for the chin impact that I received today. Don’t worry, face is fine and I’m still alive. It was just nice because we played hard and I felt like we were communicating more.

2. Pho – After a rough game, athletically speaking, having a nice hot porridge was perfect! It really did hit the spot, mmm, those veggies and noodles in the water, with hot good, I’m craving it again. Damn, I’m lucky to live in the Inner Richmond right next to some of the BEST pho places.

3. Home – Back in Gilroy to spend more time with the family. I’m grateful for having a boss who is understanding and supportive! I get to hang out with my family that’s in town!

And now, I’m off to bed!

much love, me 🙂


It’s a family thing

I was going to post last night and I think I fell asleep with my laptop on, I mean I always do that, but it was more like, the wordpress page was open and I was passed out! Yesterday was a good day, I worked from home at my parents house and hung out with the fambam, which by the way, is awesome. It’s nice having family so close by (in our house).

These are my good moments (Jan 28):

1. Time with my Uncle – we sat in the sun, talked about life, remembered my grandfather, and played Rumi! Which is an awesomely fun game!

2. Dinner – made split pea soup and grilled cheese for my dad and cousin and we all ate together

3. Mendhi – my mom put “mendhi” in my hair, and it was a hot mess, my post for today will explain the “mendhi”, but for this day’s good moment, it was the trials and tribulations of putting it in my hair, it was just gross and my mom couldn’t stop laughing and basically told me it was like i had cow dung in my hair. Thanks, mom. Love you too.

So, a good day with laughs 🙂


Not sure what happened yesterday, but at 2pm I felt exhausted, completely drained. It wasn’t too bad of a day, I just need to wear my glasses and not stare at the computer for so long. I’m in Gilroy right now and all I can think of is finding my socks. Need to get socks, now.

Long break later, I am back to finishing this post.

Well, yesterday’s good moments: Jan 27

1. Homemade Salad – spinach, mushroom, green bell peppers, homemade salad dressing, it was very fresh and just right 🙂

2. Orientation – Seeing the kids and joking around is always fun, but also had a great meeting with a kid and got a better understanding of what’s going on in this kid’s life

3. Dinner – seeing someone after a couple weeks of not seeing them is always nice, and a hug can go a long way, which is what I need.

Well, catch up with you folks later!

Hump Day

It’s Wednesday, the hump day of the week. Nothing extraordinary happened to me, but it was an overall good day. It’s interesting, thinking of good moments, I don’t want to force a good moment, I want it to be a genuine moment. It’s something I battle with, I realize. Well here goes, hopefully these moments feel genuine.

1. Waking up – it was a beautiful, sunny day in San Francisc, and I automatically wake up at 745am and lounge in bed until 830am and get ready. I appreciate that time buffer, most people don’t but for some reason, I do.

2. Walk around town – Becky and I walked to get lunch and once again, the weather was beautiful. It was a nice, brief walk, but it was also refreshing to get out of the office and enjoy the sun

3. Breakfast for dinner – I had waffles for dinner and it was fantastic 🙂 Sometimes mixing up the order of the email is fantastic.

I hope all is well with you! I’m off to bed, gnite world!

the bigger picture

Tuesdays are always hectic, but for some reason, yesterday felt super productive, which was great. Having my work life planned out makes me feel a lot better, but also has made me realized just how obsessive compulsive I am. I want to plan out EVERYTHING in my life now, to the minute. I can’t go down this path and I refuse.

As an FYI, I gave up soda and coffee for at least one year (my new year’s resolution). It is an attempt to take care of my life and I have made the switch to herbal tea to calm myself and to make me feel rejuvenated.

As I said, yesterday was hectic, meeting from 10-12pm, yoga from 1230-130pm, kids in from 4-630pm, and volleyball from 7-10pm. I always feel like a hectic day allows for more good moments. It is nice to go back to the mindset of seeing my day in a positive way, to actively make the effort of being positive and having a positive outlook. I want to take the next step and not just claim the obvious good moments rather the more obscure one, so perhaps I will reflect back on days and moments that turned out to be a good and positive moment. So many times we only see the obvious and can’t really envision the bigger picture of life. So that will be one of my goals in this blog to make a conscious effort to see the bigger picture.

Yesterday’s Good Moments Jan 25: First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! It’s a great day because god brought you into this world and I am ever so thankful to have you in my life. I love you a lot. Like a lot a lot 🙂

1. Yoga in the afternoon – man I am so not flexible and I sweat like crazy doing this, but I know this is good for my body and it was just nice to stretch out my body and relax my mind…big lesson from yoga? BREATHE!

2. Productive meeting – I always like it when our Tuesday meetings are productive and I can offer something useful to our coordinators or have a “non-boring” meeting. I, at least, thought it wasn’t a boring meeting

3. Volleyball – I have a hard time with my overhand serves and sometimes I just can’t get over the net and feel like my hits aren’t powerful, so some of the other players on other teams were helping me out and providing me with advice which was nice and made me feel…well…included. 🙂

Okay, that’s all for now! Enjoy your day!


I feel like this blog has to be reborn numerous times through out this last year. It has been very difficult for me to write in this blog, due to my laziness, but I will not let it stop me. I need to get back into the practice of writing and reflecting.

One of my big issues with a public blog is privacy, a lot of times when reflecting, I need to or want to reflect on very personal and private matters. I know that the theme of this blog is to share my three good moments from the day, but a lot of those moments are linked with the private moments. How much do I share? Will I be true to the blog if I hold back? Perhaps I am taking a very deep and philosophical point of view and need to let go of all of these emotions and just write about my good moments.

To solve this minute issue, I should just have my own personal journal and write out my “feelings” and “emotions” there. Anyway, thanks for reading. Here we go!!!

Good Moments – Thursday Jan 20

1. Planned out my work life for the next 4 months – it was really great to get that out of the way. It really makes me want to do this with my whole life, plan it out in advance, but that’s almost impossible with having a social life

2. Game night at work – we played Just Dance 2 and it was FUN! I had a blast! Jerome, Happy Birthday! It’s nice hanging out with the people you work with, especially when the people you work with are pretty cool

3. Hanging out with Sagar – Sagar was nice enough to let me stay at his place and take me to the airport on Friday at 530am!!! But, it was nice to catch up with him and chit chat it up

Good Moments – Friday Jan 21

1. New Orleans! – I took a flight to NOLA and made it safely. Which is great. I went for Neema’s Bachelorette Party

2. Lightroom – On my flight to NOLA, I played around with NOLA and edited some of the SF Zoo pictures that I took. (which you can find on my Capturations Blog)

3. NEEMA!!!!! – I got to see one of my closest friends, ie my roomie from college, after FOUR years! NEEMA it was SOOOO good seing you 🙂 I love you!

Good Moments – Jan 22n

1. A beautiful day in New Orleans – I got to walk around the French Quarters in NOLA and listen to awesome live Jazz music and check out all the shops. Also we checked out an awesome street show with break dancers who were also comedians

2. Cafe du Monde – this place had the MOST amazing Beignets ever, covered in powder sugar and dipped in coffee. I gave up coffee as my New Year’s Resolution but I made the exception (dont care!) for NOLA because beignets are amazing with the cafe au lait.

3. A great night out on Bourbon St – I had a great time at dinner – Domenica – AMAZING food, I cannot express t you how good it was! I also went out on Bourbon St and it was so much fun! Great night with the ladies, we also had a giggle fit when we got back to the hotel.

Good Moments – Jan 23

1. Waking up and recapping the night – we had a free brunch at our hotel and enjoyed our time together

2. Flight – I took a great nap on the flight from NOLA to Chicago and then on my flight from Chicago to SFO, our flight attendant was awesome and hilarious! He gave me free chocolates

3. Nisha is awesome – thanks for picking me up from the airport!

Good moments Jan 24th

1. Beautiful Sunny Day – today was such a beautiful day in SF and I got to see the sun which was great! I also had some cherries which made me really happy

2. Blogging my photos – I got to put up my pics! I am so proud of them! and it felt good to do it!

3. Blogging this blog – haha, what a weird phrase, but it feels good to get back into blogging, lets keep this up!