Tough Loss

We had a tough loss at volleyball, and it kind of brought down my spirits, I know I shouldn’t let, but I couldn’t help it. Being on a team teaches you a lot, how to work together, how to communicate, how to depend on others. I’m too tired to write folks. I have this whole thought in my head that just wont come out!

good moments for Feb 8:

1. Awesome breakfast – we treated our amazing coordinators to a delicious breakfast! The food was oh so good and I had a tummy filled meal!

2. Fro-Yo in the afternoon – having some fro-yo with a couple of coworkers was a nice break to the work day

3. Yoga – having yoga at work is really nice, every Tuesday, our awesome office manager teaches us yoga and each time I come out of it more relaxed and more happy

That’s all. Must do work now. Talk to you later.


Big Update!

See, this is what happens when I don’t give myself time to write in my blog, I have to make a major update about 5 days! It’s hard to remember!!

Okay, my good moments:

Feb 3:

1. Lunch w/ Khary – Khary was our Biz Instructor for last year’s BizAcademy and is this amazing man who has done amazing things in his life. He actually told me about a really amazing program called Mama Hope that I want to look into for volunteering!

2. Girls Night – We all went to Karishma’s house and had an awesome time, food, drinks, and talks, was very nice and girly and just what I needed

3. Roommate bonding – it’s always nice to have some time with Nisha where we can talk and catch up and give each other advice.

Feb 4:

1. MYEEP in SF – We did it! We made this event happen, reality seems surreal on an event day, especially when it takes place a a lodge called “Elks Lodge” and its dimly lite with HUGE heads of Elks

2. Phone call with Nishant – It was so nice to finally catch up with Nish, it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, it’s good! Miss you friend!

3. Home – home is my homeostasis, you know? When you need to get back to normal or just feel comfy and cozy, home is it.

Feb 5:

1. Chat w/ Pooja – Thanks for being there and hearing me out. I am so thankful to have you and to have you as my support 🙂 I miss you dearly

2. Time w/ the fambam – It was nice, I got to just spend some time with my Uncle again, it’s really nice having family around. To be able to have that conversation and to be able to talk about life and what it means to live.

3. Lava – Hanging out with good friends, got to spend time with Achyutha, Donnie, and Victoria. Victoria, I thoroughly loved our conversation in the car! Donnie, you know you’re one of my favs. Ach – that’s all I’m going to say. 🙂

Feb 6:

1. Waking to breakfast – Victoria is kind of awesome and also crazy for waking up at 5am, but she got me a morning pastry!

2. Football – Though the other team had a forfeit and we won by default, we got to play around, and I ran some long routes and caught the ball – Lats, you’re awesome! Thanks for having faith in me 🙂

3. Superbowl – AWESOME food and awesome friends always means a good time 🙂

Feb 7:

1. Chatting with the PCs – I always enjoy talking to the PCs when they are in a good mood, haha, and also hearing about their lives and just knowing whats going on

2. A FOUR mile walk with Karishma – I need to walk more often, but seriously, it was good to catch up and walk and talk about our lives. So a walking date is kind of awesome, especially when it’s Karishma 🙂

3. I am making homemade Pizza – Cooking for yourself? awesome 🙂 Pretty much a good thing, and I have lunch for tomorrow!

Okay, I’m tired, must sleep! 🙂 Gnite, world!

Oh muni

Today I spent the day taking muni in different directions and to different places, my normal route is on the 2-clement, but today I took the 47, 49, and the 9…all very interesting. I forget how spoiled I am by taking the 2. The characters on muni are…well fascinating. No other way to put it. Drunks, crazies, and cracked out, but still fascinating.

Let’s see, highlight from today? A woman sitting with her groceries bag around her, muttering that no one wants to sit near her and that all these “asians don’t care about americans”. It was interesting. None the less, no one paid attention to the lady and I got off at my stop.

I didn’t updated yesterday, got home late and was exhausted. So here are my good moments

Feb 1 good moments:

1. Dadaji’s Birthday – was nice to remember my grandfather and all that he has done for our family. I really miss him. He was the rock in our family, everyone loved him and respected him. I know he’s with all of us, in our hearts, but it would be nice if he was actually with us. It’s okay, God needed him somewhere else in this world

2. Yoga in the afternoon – Hannah,our office manager, is awesome. She has a yoga class at our work, once a week, that we all get to attend for free. It is by far the most difficult thing I do (including football and volleyball) and it’s, surprisingly, the most relaxing.

3. Volleyball in the PM – we actually one every single one of our games at volleyball, it was a day in history and it was unbelievable! We played hard and we played well! I am very proud of the SuperMonsterDestroyers!

Today was another day, and I also have my good moments, Feb 2:

1. Lunch w Lavonda – Ah, I got to see one of my favorites. Yes, I said it! Lavonda is always a delight and I honestly believe that she should have her own blog talking about her adventures in life. She is such a talented young lady and I am so honored to know her!

2. Workshop at Horizons – It was nice seeing the girls at HU do their thang! We have some talented youth in our program and it’s really them that motivates me to want to do whatever I can to help them

3. Pea Soup – I made pea soup from scratch! It was kind of awesome! Boiled up the dried peas and added some spices, now I have lunch for tomorrow!

4. (I know I’m cheating) Convo with one of my kids – Being open and honest to the youth you work with is important, and sometimes you have to call yourself out when you are in the wrong, so they know that they can trust. The best is when they don’t remember what happened for you to call yourself out! haha, this may not make sense, but it does to me 🙂

Gnite world. 🙂

Just another manic monday

My body is sore, football kicked my little butt.

Today was a good day, I think I say that about almost every day. I have a quote to share, lemme see if I can remember it.

There is no help for you outside of yourself; you are the creator of the universe. Like the silkworm you have built a cocoon around yourself…. Burst your own cocoon and come out aw the beautiful butterfly, as the free soul. Then alone you will see Truth. – Swami Vivekananda

Think about it, reflect, and learn.

Today’s good moments (Jan 31):

1. Hanging out at home – it really is nice that my family is in Gilroy, I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to spend time with them.

2. In n Out – that’s right, I stopped to get my grilled cheese, fries, and milkshake and it was GOOD.

3. A great phone call with Tracy – Love her to pieces and I’m so glad that she is still in my life, it’s been….13 years! WOW, that’s insane Tracy! Love you 🙂

And, now I will finish watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.