A beautiful day

This week, for Biz, my schedule has been 730-530pm, which is quite early from my normal hours of 930-7pm. I absolutely dislike waking up at 630am to get ready for work and head out by 7am. I am barely awake and my energy level is…well, low. The day keeps me busy without realizing how tired I am until I ride the bus again in the morning. The nice thing about getting home by 6 (and daylight savings) is that I get home while the sun is still out and feel super productive with my day outside of work.

I forget how nice it is to get home at a decent time, to cook a meal, and be done with small house chores by 8pm. I think it helped that it was absolutely gorgeous in San Francisco and I was glad to be home. I went for a nice run, came back and had a nice dinner, and then went to the roof top with some delicious jasmine tea and great convos with Nisha.

Anyway, on to my good moments:

1. Muni driver talking in Hindi – loved it, what a sweet man, we talked about cricket and life and it was fun, a good start to the morning

2. An early evening run – I got home, got into my run clothes and had a 30 min. run and it felt great!

3. Jasmine tea on the rooftop – The weather was wonderful so Nisha and I headed up to the roof to just hang out for a bit and see the view and it was gorgeous!

Anyway, I’m off to bed!


Sore Legs, Nice Legs

Today I am sore. My legs just hurt, they are screaming at me and saying “why are you working us out so hard?!” and I think they think I am mean.

BizAcademy’s second day went very well, we discussed persuasive presentations, negotiations, and how to give a pitch and it was pretty cool. The kids are getting stressed, they have a big meeting tomorrow with potential investors and they’re putting a lot of pressure on themselves, which is quite normal and I know they will sail through it, but it’s still adorable.

I am feeling more happy and my mood feels better. Having a workout schedule really helps, each workout is motivated by me knowing that I am working towards a healthier me. I’m really proud of myself for taking this seriously.

Anyway, on to my good moments:

1. Getting a free pastry – Noah’s messed up on my order but they gave me a free pastry and I have to admit, it was delicious!

2. Ma Po Tofu – Okay, I have to say that I have been craving Ma Po Tofu for a few days now and today, since food at volleyball isn’t vegetarian, I got some Ma Po Tofu and it was DELICIOUS! AND they gave me a lot of it so I have lots of leftovers! Which means, I have dinner for tomorrow 🙂

3. Catch up with Nisha – Sometimes Nisha and I have absolutely opposite schedules and don’t see each other for weeks or days. So I knocked on her door and caught up with her 🙂

It’s Monday?!

Where did the weekend go?! I woke up this morning at 6am and barely got out of bed. Today was our first full day of BizAcademy and it was awesome. I think this is one of my favorite events by MYEEP. The kids get really into it and have such a blast, it’s tiring, intense, overwhelming, but absolutely amazing.

My body is sore from football and trampoline-ing. I can barely touch my toes and walking seems impossible. So I spent fifteen minutes stretching my body and that felt good.

Okay, on to my good moments:

1. BizAcademy – okay, like I said, this is one of my favorite events at MYEEP, seeing the kids all nervous and preparing for interviews is amazing

2. Getting home by 6pm and making dinner by 7pm – getting to work early and leaving work early is actually really nice, I made some delicious enchiladas for myself

3. Coffee with Gargi – well, I had some tea, but it was so nice to catch up with her, it has been awhile and Gargi has always been a family friend that has been a big sister to me. So, I was glad to catch up with her

Okay, gnite world!

What a Weekend

My body can’t move a single inch, my bed never felt more comfortable, and this cup of chai (made with chai masala, lemongrass, ginger, green tea) warms my belly. I had a very eventful weekend, filled with lots of physical activities that has made my body oh, so very sore! Project 2011 has commenced and I will be in great shape, my core strength will be amazing.

I do not have the energy to talk anymore, so on to my good moments!

Friday, March 25

1. Brought my lunch to work – I really like bringing a lunch to work and not spending money. I had some delicious pasta and enjoyed it thoroughly!

2. BizAcademy – the start of Biz was on Friday, we had our orientation! I really love Biz, it’s one of my favorite events that we have at work

3. Dinner with Divya – I truly love this girl, she is awesome. I never hung out with her at BU and only knew of her, but when she moved to SF and our friendship formed, I feel blessed to have her. We had some delicious Burmese food and some yummy wine and hung out until late! Caught up on our lives and had some good laughs 🙂

Saturday, March 26:

1. Waking up late – I lounged around and woke up at 11am! I did clean my apartment but it was nice and relaxing.

2. Trampoline Dodgeball – Achyutha and I made it out to House of Air, it was FUN! Granted within the first 10 minutes I was panting and was ready to nap, but I made it through the first hour and also got some trampoline dodgeball!

3. A homemade dinner – Enchiladas for dinner!  Ooo, it has been awhile since I had some of my enchiladas and boy was it good.

Sunday, March 27:

1. Football – oh man, what a workout. We started practice at 130pm, and about 30 minutes into our practice, well maybe 45mins. a group of guys asked us if we wanted to do a quick pick me up game, and we said sure, and we ended up playing until 4pm. Ooo, is my body sore but man did that feel good!

2. A nice warm shower – after a hard practice, a warm shower feels amazing. I dunno what it is, but the hot water always relaxes me. I could just chill out in the shower for hours, but I am sure I would get prune-y and also waste a lot of water

3. Relaxing with some chai – I made myself a cup of chai, now see, I’m not a big chai drinker, I rarely drink it, but today I made some, it’s rainy but just nice weather to cuddle up in bed to. By cuddle up, I mean with a cup of chai and a book. Which is what my plan is for the rest of the evening. I probably will make a nice burrito (thanks Ami for the input).

Now, I’m off to read my book and then sleep!

Thank You Mother Earth

I hope that one day, when I have children, this world that I live in, is still intact. That the trees still grow, that the flowers still bloom, and that animals still roam this planet, freely and at their will. I’m having one of those “moments”, moments I have when it rains and the pure beauty of nature amazes me and it also saddens me that we do everything we can to stop this world from its natural habits by taking from it to the point that this planet will be left with nothing. We expand, we grow, we take, we consume, we consume, and we consume. Never thinking twice about giving back, about replanting, about recycling, not just a piece of paper, but anything. Our energy, our love, our any damn thing.

I want to one day have children and show them a world where life grows, not where lives are destroyed by the petty needs of human consumption. How can I show the beauties and wonders of the ocean, when we take everything from it and dumb our waste into it? How can I show how this world will give him or her so much when we give this world nothing? We expect so much but never do anything in return. Why?

This may seem like a negative post, but it wasn’t meant to be. I just…I just want to understand what I can do to save our planet. Okay, enough of that, I need to talk about my good moments!

1. The Rain – for some odd reason, no not odd, for reasons my heart can only explain, the rain makes me happy. Seeing droplets hit the windshield and roll down puts a small little smile on my face. Our earth is dry and needs to replenish it self. So the rains…they make me happy

2. A lovely meal with coworkers – it’s nice to just hang out outside of work and share some laughter and good times

3. Working out in the am – Hannah has been so gracious to help me get into shape and improve my game by building a stronger core for me. It’s nice to see me take care of me. To put my well being as a high priority is nice.

I know at times that I rant and rave on this blog, and this is suppose to be a space where I express my positive moments in my day, but sometimes I need to express my feelings to get it out so I can then share my good. It’s a moment I need. Thanks for listening.

Gnite world!

PS – thank you mother earth for caring for us and giving us your land to live on

Painting the Night Away

Today was a fantastic day, I finally felt inspired and finished my painting. This painting is a self-reflection, self-portrait, and a very personal painting. It was painted to describe me. I also began another painting, just blended colors and created a curve stroke, it was nice. No plan, just…paint. I have to thank Achyutha for the blank canvas and the freedom to just paint without thought.

On to my good moments:

1. Finishing up curriculum for the Spring – I know that I have updates to do, but I finished it up! It feels like…I am missing something, to be honest.

2. Finishing my painting – I finally finished 🙂 I was suppose to finish a few months ago, but I don’t care, I finished it today and I am a happy camper!

3. Put away all my clothes – So I’m trying to keep my room organized, but that means I need to get rid of clothes, so today I got rid of some clothes. Now I just need to find a place to donate my clothes and get rid of more clothes. I do not need all the clothes I have.

Okay, I’m off to bed. Gnite! 🙂

Do Me

It has been awhile since I have written in here, life keeps getting in the way of this blog of mine. My goal is to wake up early and blog in the morning, but then sleep gets in the way. Anyway, I want to thank Phimy for inspiring me to write tonight, I just read her blog http://rapscalliontimes.blogspot.com/ .

I have been really good about eating at home and working out. Taking care of me, or “doing me”, has been really good. It’s nice to cook and make my go to meals and to have tasty new dishes. You know, it’s interesting, but I get stuck on the same recipes. My coworkers and I have started a Supper Club, also inspired by Phimy!, and it has been amazing. We have had two supper club dinners and we have made Cauliflower Soup and Edamame/Walnut Ravioli, both meals were absolutely delicious. It’s just nice knowing that we get together and try new meals and share a good conversation with each other.

The other great thing is, I have been running, hiking, and doing basic exercises at home. I also have to thanks my friend Karishma, Priya, and Nisha for our Drop It Like It’s Hot Campaign. I have to work out at least 5 hours a week, if I dont, I give a penny for every minute I do not workout. (basically $1 = 1 hour).

Anyway, today’s good moments:

1. A great Coordinator meeting – I felt like I had all my papers together and was on top of my game! I think it’s just fun to see the coordinators and catch up and joke around with them. Our retreat really bonded us and it was just…nice 🙂

2. Yoga – ah, it’s been awhile since we have had yoga at work (Hannah, I’m glad you are back teaching us :-]). It was tough, I’m not going to lie. I felt like I had to get out of my poses because I wouldn’t last, soon, I’ll be back to my Yoga endurance (of one hour).

3. My 3 serves at volleyball – I had these 3 amazing serves at volleyball, there were powerful and got us points, I was so proud of them. One of them was hard that the other guy couldn’t stop it and the other was played right on the line and he didn’t get to it on time. The third one was a powerful hit but went to the middle, but I was still very proud of myself. I used my abs and body and just powered through. I got to do that from the beginning of the game.

Now I will go brush my teeth with my new SonicCare Brush (Which is actually a good moment from this past weekend, thanks mom for getting it for me!)

Okay, gnite world!