Real Quick

I have a massive update coming, with all of my thoughts about work, life, etc. But for now, I want to just share my good moments from Friday onwards!

Friday August 12:

1. Sleeping in – One should never take for granted sleeping in their bed! It was so nice to lay there and relax

2. Dinner with Amiku – We went to CPK, Borders, and Yogurtland and it was so much fun! It was really nice catching up and having a delicious meal. Plus! We got to buy books for cheap!

3. Taboo/MadGabs w/ the Talkads – Great times and in all honestly it only made it more obvious that girls are better than boys!! 🙂

Saturday August 13:

1. Enjoying the sun – it’s rare when the sun shines in the Outer Richmond, and I enjoyed it!

2. Food Festival in Japantown – Delicious food and having some jokes with the coworkers!

3. Getting my deposit back – man, getting every single penny back from your deposit is GREAT!

Sunday August 14:

1. Seeing family & friends – Went home for the day and it was so good to see all my family and friends!

2. Eating – man, having that meal at 7pm was so amazing! I had to fast because I was going to taking part in the puja at our house and I only had strawberries.

3. Bathmats – Okay I know this one sounds ridiculous but I was so excited when my mom told she bought me some bathmats, they are so comfy and so soft! Now I have bath mats and match towels and a new toothbrush holder! Thanks mom!

Okay, will write my good moments for today, later on! See ya!


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