So I have been doing a lot of research on what I want to do for myself and how I can improve my mind, body, and soul. I know that I can take little steps into being a better person in this world and one of the things I want to do is watch my carbon footprint, but it’s a HUGE task to take one, so we’re going to start off with little steps. I think the first step is to understand what local foods are available in SF and what foods are in season, so that way I can better plan my meals.

I am thinking about getting this book, DIY Delicious by Vanessa Barrington, mainly because it talks about how to make basics that you need in your kitchen and shows you how to make them. Some of the recipes look pretty simple, plus I enjoy the back story Barrington gives. Her reasoning and inspirations are inspirations to others as well. I like using cook books from authors who are inspired or realize that every day people do not have the fancy appliances. I will be checking it out at Green Apple.

The other thing that I want to get from Green Apple is the “Local Food Wheel” for San Francisco. Shows what foods are in season in a 150 mile radius of San Francisco. I am absolutely blessed to be living in the Bay Area where the temperature and climate is perfect for local farming year round. I want to start going to different Farmer Markets in SF, notably the Ferry Building Farmers Market and the Fillmore Farmers Market. I also want to purchase food on a weekly basis, instead of a monthly basis. Buy what I will use for the week, this way I don’t waste food or my money and really think about my meals. I know that this may take me time because planning for meals in advance is difficult and I am such a mood driven eater. I have to “feel like” eating something and I am so bad about eating leftovers. I should be shamed for this, I need to learn how to recycle my leftovers in different meals. (Update: turns out it sold out at Green Apple, must find another vendor!)

So I really want to think about the steps that I need to take in becoming a locavore. I may have to give up certain foods, which I know will be difficult (Goodbye chips ahoy and girls scout cookies!) but I know it will be better for my body, my mind, and the, especially, the world (which my little soul is connected to). I think its  big thing to really think about what you want for the world and how you will take care of it because our beings, our self, our souls are connected to its vastness. We, though small and insignificant, can make small and impactful changes to our habits, thus making this world a better place for our children.

I wish I didn’t hoard my stuff and was my careful about my wastefulness but I know eventually I can get to a place where I can be fine with the minimum in life and live in the enriching world around me. I know I don’t need the superficial and I know what the world has to offer (naturally!) will be more enriching for me. I think this is why I constantly am pulled by wanting to change my habits for the better, I know there is more meaning to the every day, mundane things in life, but that there is a deeper, more essential need to be at one with the universe and world. I cannot claim to be perfect or a good person but I want to try to be a good person.

I will be using this blog to talk about this journey into becoming a Locavore. Please keep in mind that I am managing this into what fits me the best, if you want to become a Locavore please take the time to research and realize what your restrictions may be. It’s a process and I am not perfect, but I can share with you my research and findings. Please also note that I am still trying to understand what a Locavore is and am only restricting myself to what I make  at home for the time being and am in a transitional period, which means I will not radically change but take a little longer to make the changes in my life. (I feel like I am giving a disclaimer here, eeks!)

Thanks for reading all of this!

Okay, gotta get some good moments in!

Monday, August 22:

1. Having a pretty productive day at work, getting things done for the Curriculum and Exploration Days for our Fall Schedule. It is nice when I get home and think about all that I did in a day, because there are days when I feel like I am moving a slow pace. (Shh, don’t tell my boss, jk jk)

2. Having a good talk about college and life with one of my youth, Angelina. She’s such a good kid and I am so happy to see her growing up! I have known her for over 2 years and remember my first meeting with her! But yes, a good conversation is always nice

3. Hanging out with the roomie, Nisha – She and I have been playing tag with each other and finally got some quality time with her

Tuesday, August 23:

1. Had workshop at Sports Basement where I bought a top (for 14 bucks!) – it was too hot for my long sleeved shirt and bubble vest, so I bought a tank top that’s pretty stylish from there. I also bought a bathing suit!

2. Volleyball! – Had a good game and had some great ups!

3. Survived a 3.9 earthquake! HOLLER!

And today’s will come later! Thanks for reading!


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