Lots of hanging out with friends happened this weekend which was really nice! So let’s start with good moments from Friday until today!

Friday, Sept. 2nd:

1. A good heart-to-heart with Becky – I like that I can have some girl time with her and talk to her about everything that is going on with my life. It’s really nice

2. Nishant is in town – my really good friend from BU was in town and I got to see him!

3. Seeing Anjali – aahhh I miss this girl, terribly and it was so nice seeing her!

Saturday, Sept 3rd:

1. Scuba Diving – so Achyutha and I got these Groupons for beginners Scuba Diving and it was AWESOME. It is something that I would like to save up for and do! A great experience, terrifying, but great.

2. Making lunch – I was very adamant about not eating out so I made some burritos for the boo and I, it was a very stereotypical moment: he was watching football and I was cooking for him. I just want to state, next time, you cook for me πŸ™‚

3. Celebrating Donnie’s birthday – Happy Birthday kid, I hope you had a fantastic day πŸ™‚

Sunday, Sept 4th:

1. Brunch with the boys – a lovely chai and dosa in the morning and good company πŸ™‚

2. Dinner with my parents – thai food and the rentals, good times!

3. Catch up time with Sandeep & Karishma – good times spending it with the two!

Monday, Sept 5th:

1. A nice nap in the afternoon – I didn’t mean to this but it felt good

2. Making lunch – I am on a roll! I refuse to buy lunch for the next 4 days!

3. Dinner with Amitt & co – A lovely dinner and conversation with Amitt, Anand, Shalin, and Vivek! Good times!

And now, I am off to bed! Gnite folks!


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