Finally sleeping!

I am pretty tired so I am going to try to keep this post short, wanted to update you about the weekend and the last two days. I have been waking up in the morning, having a more relaxed started to my day is really nice. Anyway, here are my good moments:

The Weekend:

1. Seeing my family – so good to see all of my cousins on my dad’s side πŸ™‚

2. Ran on the weekend – I am trying to make this Marathon thing happen!

3. Good food with family – always good to eat good food with family πŸ™‚

Monday, Sept. 12:

1. Woke up at 8am – I woke up and got ready, made breakfast and got on the bus, felt so damn good to do so!

2. Productive at work – I had been feeling just a little stumped with work stuff and I felt finally good about work!

3. Running – I ran 3.5 miles, pretty far from 13.1 miles but it was a good run, very proud of myself

Tuesday, Sept 13:

1. Yoga in the AM – feels good to sweat and stretch and then end on a relaxing note

2. Good workshop – Gotta love it when the kids make your day

3. Volleyball – I have to say, we didnt win but I felt like I was playing better. Had some good ups!

Anyway, I need to sleep, sorry for this being short.


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