Best. Day. Ever.

I have this tendency to say “Best Day Ever!” anytime I have awesome food or have a great moment. I am guilty of saying this everyday for a week straight and, you know what, I like it!

Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt good. I had been up late the night before reading up for my trip this weekend (because I procrastinated, whoops) and woke up early and got to work. Finished all that I needed to and got some more reading in. I had workshop and I have to say, it went well. I have a lot of great moments in workshop and I probably should blog about them more often, but it’s so hard to find the time to.

Sometimes workshops can be tiring and draining but the youth that I work with are amazing. They have so much raw energy and when you can focus that energy in a good way, it produces amazing results. With the content that I have been reading (ways to get your youth involved in social justice issues) and the great workshop I had, I am feeling extremely inspired and motivated to do so much more for the kids! Workshop on more social justice issues, showing them ways they can get involved in their community, country, and the world, and so so so much more!

So, on to my good moments (a longer one about my thoughts of social justice and how to bring them to my work will appear later)

Thursday, Sep 15:

1. Lavonda – I have to say, I love this girl, she is a smart, wonderful, young woman. I have had the privilege of working with her my first year at MYEEP and have witnessed her transform from a young teenager to a smart young adult. She came by the office with her mom and I got to catch up and set a lunch date.

2. Workshop – MissionSF Credit Union came by to discuss topics that our CITs and Coordinators would presenting to the youth and what was amazing was that our CITs AND Coordinators blew them away with their facilitation skills. I was so proud of our CITs to take on this task and show to the MissionSF staff that they have what it takes. It was also nice to get a little shout out from them, thanking me for supporting them. It was truly a good moment and I definitely teared up in the car (I KNOW! I am cheesy) thinking of all that they have accomplished and how far they have come

3. Date Night – Achyutha and I met up in PA and had dinner at a lovely Italian Restaurant (where I devoured my food and part of his food, sorry boo!) afterwards, we headed out to get some Gelato (which we could barely finish). Upon walking the streets of PA we came across another Gelato place where a gentleman was playing his guitar and we sat down at a table and listened to him play. He played for me “Brown Eyed Girl” and it was perfect! I have to admit, I really enjoy date night, spending some quality time with the boo is nice.

Anyway, I should do work. HA! 🙂 Have a great weekend folks. I would love to hear your good moments from this week! Please do share!


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